Project Milestones

Sept 2019

NFTA Metro Conducting Survey of Employers/Employees in the Metro Rail Expansion Corridor

NFTA Metro is conducting a survey of employers/employees in the Metro Rail Expansion corridor to learn about parking and transportation issues employers and employees currently face. The goal is to identify any issues that could be mitigated by the addition of light rail in the corridor, ensure that businesses and their employees in the expansion corridor are aware of the project, and to gather input on what kinds of environmental impacts employers and employees are concerned about. Take the survey!

Sept 2019

September Public Workshop

NFTA held a public workshop on September 24 at Sweet Home Middle School to present the concept design plans, updated station design concepts, traffic analysis results, and preliminary environmental analysis and impacts for the Metro Rail Expansion project. View the materials presented at the workshop as well as media coverage.

May 2019

Final Scoping Document

NFTA has incorporated comments from the scoping process and have prepared the Final Scoping Report as part of the NEPA and SEQRA Environmental Impact Statement process. The Final Scoping Report reflects changes made in response to public and agency comments on the Draft Scoping Document. View the Final Scoping Report

Project News

NFTA Rail Expansion Taking Shape

By Fadia Patterson, published December 7, 2018

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The Metro Rail Expansion Project is LIVE!

Stay informed and up-to-date on the project as we progress through the environmental documentation process, coordinate with federal and state agencies, conduct various public outreach efforts, and complete conceptual engineering in order to identify project costs, potential environmental impacts, and how those impacts would be mitigated.

NFTA will be seeking entry into Federal Transit Administration’s New Starts Program for project funding through the Capital Improvement Grant program.

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